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Different Thinking

From the "Tiny Zone" collumn of MacFormat magazine (9-12-2000):

This month BETT, the Educational Technology Show, again showed the difference between Apple and Microsoft, and I don’t mean just Microsoft’s relative prominence on the show floor.

Consider Apple’s show guide entry:

"Apple’s mission is to offer tools and solutions wich embrace and extend the best educational practices, enchancing teaching, facilitating life long learning and simplifying communications. Always leaders in inovation, Apple delivers solutions offering clear advantages of power, ease of use, multimedia capabilities and compatibility... View the great solutions that help empower individuals and groups to address the challenges of the future today".

In an interview in the "Guardian", Microsoft’s general manager for education, Liz King, listed her company’s priorities in education:

"First, to make money, second, to increase Microsoft΄s market share in schools and third, "education is a startegic marketplace for us. We are educating the next generation of workers who will purchase our products".

As the "Guardian" commented, "These are priorities that significantly don’t mention improving the quality of education or ensuring equality of access to education."

Different thinking indeed.

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Linux/Unix: Born to be root

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